Part design assistance

In addition to tooling studies produced for the purposes of its own manufacturing, ADI offers a part design assistance or joint design service which:

  • Solves feasibility problems
  • Reduces complexity
  • Improves reliability
  • Optimises cooling (and cycle times)
  • Simplifies manufacturing
  • Reduces the overall production costs (aside from the hourly rates).

ADI also offers preliminary project services right up to full tooling studies without necessary manufacturing the tools.

Manufacturing of mass production tools

Despite this being a globalised and highly competitive industry, ADI is committed to manufacturing new tools. Aided by local partners, ADI is developing “Made in France” tools enabling it to constantly develop its expertise and technology and seek optimised solutions to meet continually falling cost targets.

Our reputation in this field motivates our most loyal customers to choose our services with a quality assurance/services superior to those offered by the strong Asian competition.
In collaboration with our Romanian partner PFR, ADI is using its expertise to develop tools mainly for foreign markets.

To assist our regular customers on projects with limited budgets, ADI is also co-developing complete ranges of tools with PFR.

Manufacturing of prototype tools

With a range of frame plates and accessories which can be used on small parts or parts up to the size of a dashboard, ADI is optimising the price and the production times of its prototype tools.

We only produce the moulding parts specific to the part in question.

ADI can also use its own hot runners, with hot valves or not, with 1 to 5 nozzles.

We can inject parts on our injection moulding machines or at one of our long-standing partners (7 machines from 80 t to 360 t), but also assemble them by welding.

We can also produce complete tools for tests at the customer’s site.

Our moulds are generally made of aluminium, pre-treated steel or hardened steel, depending on requirements.

Undercuts are demoulded using manual, semi-mechanised or mechanised sliders and we can validate the design or assembly of parts not only by their dimensions and functionally, but also by a full validation of the mass production process (crash tests, sealing, aerodynamics, etc.).


The fact that 100 different tools are modified every year in ADI’s workshop, either made by ADI or not, demonstrates the level of confidence invested in us by our customers in this sector.

Feasibility studies, looking for the most robust solutions and optimising the non-production time: this is the day-to-day work of the ADI team.

Even without CAD files, ADI can find solutions by working with a specialist partner and digitizing the existing shapes.


ADI’s experience, responsiveness and its network of partners enables it to respond rapidly at the customer’s site or factory. The size of the company means it can be flexible in terms of it resources and respond urgently to a customer’s urgent needs.

ADI also carries a large stock of standard accessories which means it does not have to rely on the sometimes long lead times for the supply of parts.

Injection tests

ADI carries out injection tests and small production runs on its own machines:

  • Dk 450 t with Sepro robot
  • Mir 1000 t with Sepro robot
  • Krauss Maffei 3000 t with Wittmann robot

For smaller parts, ADI can also inject parts at one of its long-standing partner’s factory 20 miles away (7 machines from 80 t to 360 t).
To simplify our customers’ logistics, ADI carries a stock of standard boxes and bags in order to respond to urgent requirements, but also can provide specific packaging in less than one week (depending on the dimensions) from a local partner.


Welding of plastic parts

ADI invested in a vibration welding machine in 2011 to meet the growing demand from our customers to provide a comprehensive service in relation to prototypes, tooling manufacturing and the supply of assembled parts.

For this purpose, we produce our own prototype welding jigs.

ADI has a small ultrasonic welding device for additional operations.

Tool maintenance

Knowledge of our customers’ processes and ways of working allows ADI to offer preventive or curative maintenance operations as well as advice on the use of tools.

The size of our workshop, and our 40 t crane and handling equipment enables us to maintain a good level of availability of these services.