The ICM Group

From his beginnings in April 2007, Claude MARQUET, an entrepreneur from Mayenne and owner of ICM has been involved in very diverse, but sometimes very closely-related activities.
The ICM Group is composed of:

Mechanical Division:

    PFR has been a major player in the toolmaking sector in Romania for many years.
    Located in the west of Romania, in Timisoara, its close working relationship with ADI allows these two companies to pool knowledge and have a presence in both eastern and western Europe.
  • BCGE :
    A specialist in extrusion blow moulding, they have numerous leading plastic packaging products such as barrels, canisters, bottles and baby bottles.

ADI, PFR and BCGE are the Mechanical Division of the ICM Group.


Industrial Electricity Division:

    Design, installation and maintenance of equipment, power distribution, industrial automation systems and technical management of buildings.
    Industrial computer engineering. Implementation of turnkey computer systems backed by industrial processes.
    With its subsidiaries in China, India and Brazil, APICOM designs and develops test equipment for:

    • motorcycle and scooter manufacturers
    • car and truck manufacturers
    • conventional and electric engine manufacturers

Refrigeration Division:

  • ODIC: and GEL-KIT:
    Design, manufacturing and distribution of refrigeration equipment with a network of 450 refrigeration installers across France.

Real estate Division:

  • Real estate management
    Leasing of furnished offices with administrative services. Domiciliation services and telephone helpline.

Security Division:

  • Sécuribail
    Installation and maintenance of security equipment, remote monitoring, security, intrusion
    Leasing of Security Installations.