Why choose ADI?


Our small team of specialists is surrounded by many partners either located at the same site or less than an hour away.

Everyone is an expert in their respective areas (machining of small or large parts, 2D or 3D, laser welding, fitting, polishing, injection, metrology, calculations, etc.)

This structure means ADI has the responsiveness of a small company while benefiting from the resources of a large one.

Customers who have chosen us can bear witnesses to our effective strategy.

Extensive range of resources

ADI’s technical resources are unusual for a toolmaker of its size.

In its 1500 m² workshop, ADI has:

  • Three injection moulding machines, one of which is a 3000 t
  • Two spotting machines, one of which is able to be used for large moulds (for dashboards or bumpers)
  • One vibration welding machine with a 1300 x 620 table
  • One ultrasonic welding device
  • One high-speed water pump (up to 200 l/m)
  • Two oil heaters for large moulds
  • One 20 t overhead crane and one 40 t overhead crane
  • Eight 10 t overhead cranes

At ADI, there are actually more cranes than toolmakers in the tool room!!
Our comprehensive range of technical equipment means that ADI can offer its customers a range of services that is second to none in France.

Specialists in many areas

In some cases, diversifying too much can lead to a loss of focus, but ADI has built its reputation on its ability to manage parts of varying sizes and complexities using different processes.

As an example, the cheapest tool made by ADI (minor axis of 8 mm in diameter) cost 230 times less than the most expensive one (dashboard).
ADI is considered by many of its customer as a specialist in their own manufacturing processes.

Some customers consider ADI as a blow-moulding specialist, others as a manufacturer of hardened steel moulds or prototype aluminium moulds, or a developer of tools made in Asia, etc.
This is the result of the efforts made by a team made up of people with extensive experience on many varied projects and a strong desire to learn, challenge themselves and adapt their services to all new customer’s requirements.


ADI was a co-founder of the WEPP network (Web of Experts in Plastic Processing) set up in 2011.

This group of five complementary companies can offer integrated services from part design to the production of prototype or short-run manufacturing tools, as well as the manufacturing of bare parts and post-processing operations (cutting, assembly, checking, etc.).

The WEPP can also in some cases work together with its partners on mass production projects.
On a less informal, but equally reliable basis, ADI regularly works with partners on projects in a spirit of cooperation and on a joint-contractor basis rather than outsourcing.

In this way, customers are guaranteed a single point of contact and a high-quality service provided by expert companies.


ADI has been involved in the Durafip research cluster led by Rhodia (now Solvay) since 2011 to study the behaviour of Polyamide containing glass fibres.

ADI has also been, for several years, the main supplier of injection moulds for specimens to the Solvay Group, the most well-known being the MMI Beam.
ADI is regularly chosen by its customers to work on R&D projects due to its ability to find innovative solutions and technical proposals.
ADI has worked on, among other things, the following developments:

  • Texturing on a tool with multiple thicknesses and injection types,
  • The design of plastic clips,
  • Developing reinforced plastic structural parts to replace metal parts,
  • Optimising assembly systems by proposing cross-functional technical solutions, etc.