Using the experience of its employees and its business managers’ local networks, ADI designs and produces 95% of its moulds (in several grades of steel or aluminium) for the automotive sector.

ADI is also trying to extend its services to other sectors.

Manufacturing moulds for the Automotive Industry

This is the background of the vast majority of our staff.

The ADI team is used to specification analyses and working methods and ensures that they are perfectly in line with the required level of quality.

However, ADI has been able to diversify within this sector by multiplying the processes and the types of processed parts (for both bodywork parts and structural parts).

Manufacturing moulds for the Aerospace Industry

ADI has had the opportunity to successfully produce new tools and work on existing tools for some of our customers who have already diversified into this sector.

It is really a matter of opportunities. ADI is not a direct supplier nor a main aerospace OEM.

Manufacturing moulds for the Construction Industry

The diversification strategy which began in 2012 with an aggressive sales campaign enabled us to enter certain markets, but not significantly.

ADI wants to develop these markets.

Development and production of decorative parts

ADI has a strong desire to develop decorative products (furniture, tableware, etc.).

The company’s numerous contacts and numerous feasibility studies over the last few years demonstrate our desire to undertake projects in the future.