ADI’s Business Ethos

Develop the business while keeping it a size that allows us to maintain our responsiveness and our service level close to 100%, which is very much appreciated by our customers.
Maintain our culture of commitment where everyone takes responsibility.

Maintain our objective of 60% of overall turnover being the manufacture of new tools despite the increasing demand for development of moulds manufactured in low-cost countries. By taking this approach, we can maintain a dual capacity of creative technical research and productivity, but also adaptability to new areas.
Cultivate adaptability by offering quality services provided by a single team in a wide range of technologies (injection, blow-moulding, compression, injection BMC, RIM, vibration welding, etc.)
Make our production system reliable by our continuous improvement approach, anticipating, planning, formalising and normalising the use of standards (parts or process).
Getting involved in innovative projects, also providing innovation in our technical solutions, materials and in the design and use of manufactured products.
Assist customers in their development phase by providing our toolmaking expertise.
Foster business with local partners (less than 2 hours away) to improve responsiveness and reduce transport costs, but also to participate in regional economic development.
Choose partners who invest in productivity research and integrate them into our innovative approach.
Maintain a relationship of respect and trust between both customers and suppliers and all staff, combining attention-to-detail and the pleasure of working together.